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Dade Limousine manages professional ground transportation and a global network of continuously evaluated and highly qualified chauffeurs, who are personally supervised by General Manager Frank Lasprilla, who has more than 30 years of management experience throughout the country.
We manage a progressive vision for the transportation industry focused on continuous improvement.

Dade Limousine permanently in
        • Daily review of the vehicle.
        • Preventive maintenance.
        • We qualify and train drivers.
        • Upgrading technologies that help improve performance
        • We plan logistics for personalized group itineraries.
        • We create a user-centered platform to facilitate communication between drivers and passengers
        • We manage driver and passenger communication with GPS-based tracking and alerts via SMS
        • The orders for the details of your luggage
        • Organize your time

Thanks to all this continuous process we optimize our services and become your best option.

Thank you for being our customer.
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